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SUNeVision Super e-Technology Services Limited


About Us


Founded by Sun Hung Kai Properties Group in 1992, SUNeVision Super e-Technology Services Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SUNeVision Group. With clientele from across Hong Kong’s private and commercial sectors, we offer a diverse range of services include but not limited to design; build consultancy, operating, and maintenance services for infrastructure and ELV solutions. Infrastructures available include: SMATV, structural cabling, wireless technologies for the residential, commercial buildings, etc. We are major player in the industry with a significant market share.

Quality Management

Super e-Technology’s reputation is built upon the reliability of our products, our obsessive customer service, and our record for the best on-time delivery in the industry. Our quality management system conforms with the requirements of ISO9001, and we rigorously enforce our quality policy: Delighting the customer with exceptional quality through continuous improvement, efficiency and effectiveness.

Research & Development Capabilities

In order to meet rapidly evolving demands, Super e-Technology has established an Research and Development (R&D) team. Comprised of highly qualified engineers and technicians, our R&D team continuously develops its innovative and proprietary technologies such as video processing and RFID technologies, with the aim leveraging the core competitive edge to our People Counting Solutions and Smart Card Solutions.

Licences & Recognitions

_DSC3657SUNeVision Super e-Technology Services Limited is recognised throughout the industry for achieving the highest standard. We are proud of the following licenses and recognitions we have earned over the years to demonstrate the quality and value we strive to provide.





Sun Hung Kai Properties Group

Founded by Sun Hung Kai Properties Group in 1992





A SUNeVision Company





Security & Guarding Services Industry Authority

List of Licensed Security Companies (Type III)

Licence No.: 0057





Office of the Communications Authority 

List of Satellite Master Antenna Television System (SMATV)  Operators

Licence No. SA00000771-SA





Office of the Communications Authority 

List of Internet Service Providers (ISP)

Services-Based-Operator (SBO) Licensee of Class 3 Service

Licence No.: 606





Development Bureau 

List of Approved Supplier of Materials and Specialist Contractors for Public Works :

– Broadcast Reception Installation

– Burglar Alarm & Security Installation

– Video Electronics Installation

– Audio Electronics Installation





Buildings Department

MWC Register of Minor Works Contractors (Company)

Registration No.: MWC 713/2011 (Class III Type A & G)





Electrical Mechanical Services Department

Registered Electrical Contractor

Registration No.: 020505





Construction Industry Council 

List of Registered Subcontractor

Registration No.: R001248





Octopus Authorised Contractor

Octopus Authorised Contractor for Access Control System and Payment System




Quality Management System

ISO 9001 : 2015

Certificate No.: HK09/00370





Member of Hong Kong Security Association






Member of Federation of Hong Kong Industries





Member of Hong Kong Electrical Contractors’ Association Limited